Ave Maria University

Naples, Florida

Ave Maria University adheres to the design principles of Frank Lloyd Wright, with the campus’ layout and buildings employing orthogonal geometry to create spaces of both grandeur and intimacy in a carefully shaped asymmetrical balance. Cannon Design, which provided planning and design services for phase one, applied the same Wrightian principles in creating the univer-sity’s campus-wide signage.

In addition to providing the campus-wide wayfinding and signage program, the design team work directly with the Vice President of University Relations to develop fundraising marketing materials, campus guides, Opening Ceremonies materials and other sales collateral as required by the university. The team further enhanced the AMU brand with the design of the Athletic Department logo, the AMU Gyrenes. A visual standards guide specifying proper use of logo, color palette, fonts and other components of the university’s brand system was also prepared to guide future expansion.

(Completed at Cannon Design as Vice President, Director of Graphic Services)