Typography 3

In Typography 1 students explored typography at a micro level. Anatomy of letterforms, font classifications, and creating an informational hierarchy using typographic variables framed your introduction to this field. In Typography 2, they were introduced to the use of grid structures to organize and communicate content. They experimented with the layout of text, images, and graphics on 2-page spreads. Then, like the underlying grid of a building they used these tools to design multiple spreads in a printed book. 

Typography 3 focuses on typography at a macro level. In each course, we’ve added design variables to their toolkit. In this course, we explore design systems, where you design and create guidelines for controlling the visual identity of a large institution. How do you create a document that instructs other designers/users as to how the institution’s identity program should be implemented on future design projects?

In this course we begin with a complex problem of designing an identity manual for a large organization with multiple divisions (such as a higher education, healthcare, or financial institution) and then regroup into teams and tackle a package redesign problem.